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Washer and Disinfector

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STERİLMED's Washer Disinfector Devices is designed and manufactured for fast and efficient sterilization of surgical instruments, dressing tools, rubber materials and liquids in a glass container in healthcare facilities.

1. Recycling Information

  • Older devices are not worthless trash. By passing through an environmental removal process, valuable raw materials can be evaluated for reuse.
  • Regulations on waste management should be taken into consideration for wastes.
  • Disconnect old devices from electricity. Separate the main cable from the device under observation of authorized personnel.
  • Your new device has been placed in an appropriate packaging to prevent any damage during its transport. All materials used for the packaging of the new appliance are of a non-destructive nature and can be recycled. By subjecting packaging to environmental degradation and reassessment, you can help protect the environment.
  • Do not give packagings and packaging parts for children to play. Due to the foldable cardboard boxes and foils, they can suffocate without air.
  • Properly dispose of the packaging as required. All packaging materials used are genuine materials that do not pollute the environment and can be re-evaluated. No chemical processing is made in wood fragments.
  • Get information about the old device removal methods and garbage re-evaluation centers from your dealer or affiliated municipality.


2. Safety Information

  • Before operating the device, carefully read the "Service and Operation Manual”. This book contains important information about installing, installing, using, and maintaining the device.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences of not following the instructions below.
  • The technical service staff will do the fitting and installation and placement according to the installation instructions.
  • Check that the connection between the power panel and the rating plate shown on the rating plate match..
  • Safet electrical connection of the device is only ensured if the installation has been made in accordance with the requirements and regulations..
  • In case of a malfunction, disconnect the appliance from the mains connection during maintenance and cleaning activities. To achieve this correctly, turn off the pacho switch on the mains connection panel and switch off the fuses. Do not do this operation by unauthorized persons..
  • Repairs to electrical equipment should only be carried out by authorized and qualified personnel.
  • To protect yourself against door jams, keep your hands away from the device while the doors are closed.
  • Do not cover or block the ventilation openings of the device.
  • Do not allow any unauthorized and untrained personnel to do anything about the device, and take precautions in this regard.
  • This device has been produced for hospitals, laboratories and polyclinics for washing and disinfection before sterilization. Do not us efor other purposes.
  • The water supply used in the device should be taken from the Reverse Osmos device line (Clean Water).
  • The mains power supply must be disconnected from the mains panel when the device is not being used or cleaned or if it has malfunction.
  • The devices operate at 15º C, 110ºC and 20% -50% humidity range.
  • Make sure that the device is always clean and dry. The inner surface of your device is electro-polished. Never use surface scraper mechanical cleaners or acid cleaners when cleaning the appliance. Stainless maintenance products and non-acid cleaning products can be used in the device.
  • The device should not be cleaned while it is hot.
  • It is important to remember that when loading and especially discharging material to the device, baskets and cars will be at temperatures around 100 ºC.

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