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Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

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Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is user-friendly, as the main sterilizing agent is very safe, remaining nontoxic residue (Water and Oxygen.

STERİLMED 'PL series Plasma Sterilizers are offered with single door options in free standing configuration as a fully automatic plasma sterilizer. To assure fast & efficient sterilization, pre-set programs for different kinds of equipment with different specifications are set.



STERİLMED PL series plasma sterilizers are used in cold and fast sterilization in hospitals, laboratories and dental clinics for all heat and moisture sensitive equipment which are resistant to H2O2.


Metal instruments and medical devices made of  aluminum,  brass  stainless  steel or titanium; plastic 1 medical devices made  of  Teflon  (PTFE  or  similar),  PE,  PU,  PVS,  silicone,  polystyrene,  PP,  PMMA, ULTEM,  Radel,  PEEK,  polycarbonate,  lexan,  marcalone,  LCP,  kraton,  EVA,  nylon,  polyamide,  delrin  or POM;  glass  materials.  Operator  is  responsible  for  sterilization  of  proper  materials  in  PL Series.  Sterilization  load  guides  provided  by  medical  device manufacturers  and  related institutes must be referred by operator before using device.


Device is designed without any PVC Lexan printed labels or stainless steel on the panel in order to reduce the risk of infection. All outer surfaces are from shock resistant glass surface (black or white color on request). Brand marking is done by logo placed behind tempered glass panel. Also manual controls are omitted from front panel design as all controls are established by a 12.1” Color TFT  touch screen. Firm fixing is done with suspension legs, which also enables leveling in non-flat surfaces. Movement ability is provided with wheel already installed.


Integrated RF plasma system provides cold, fast and residue free sterilization. Plasma system is activated during cycle and turns H2O2 into O2 and H2O for a environmental friendly process. Weight reduced aluminum chamber coated with a specially formulated PTFE polymer.

Non-sticking and scratch resistant coating provides clean and brand new looking even after intense use. Each shelf inside chamber is able to carry 30 kgs of load. It is possible to open chamber door with a foot switch (sensor). Sterilization process is completely validatable. RFID system is used for operator identification and process safety. RFID tag cards are used by operators for process traceability.

  • Fast running cycle increases turnover rate the delicate and state-of-the art medical equipments in the hospital.
  • This rapid turnover rate lightens the hospitals’ financial burden, as they do not need to equip a number of redundant medical devices.
  • The by-products after sterilization, water and oxygen, contribute Green Environment as well as guarantee user-safety, substituting for other sterilizations which use harmful materials.
  • Low Temperature Plasma Sterilization is representative of all other kinds of Low Temperature Sterilization such as Ethylene Oxide or Formaldehyde.
  • The temperature keeps lower than 6oC and cycle time is under 1 hour, which prevents heat and moisture damages to sophisticated medical instruments, and prolongs the life expectancies of them.

STERILMED Plasma Sterilizer has LCD touch screen, HPS (Hydrogen Peroxy Provider) Unit, Sterilization Boiler Door, and a printer in front of the Sterilizer.

STERILMED Plasma Sterilizer Sterilizer has Ventilation Fan, AC Inlet, and Earth Leakage Protector.

The Ventilation and User Interface of the STERILMED Plasma Sterilizer is on the side. The USB input required to download the sterilization history and the switch for turning the device on and off are on the User Interface.

In the STERILMED Plasma Sterilizer, there is a rectangular boiler with two shelves (top shelf removable). Heaters and boiler walls inside the door ensure that the heat is preserved during the process. The door lock prevents the user from being exposed to vaporized hydrogen peroxide by opening the door during operation. There is a Plasma Generator and the boiler in the boiler, and a Blowing Fan that heats the tools. It is produced only in the vacuum stage in the plasma sterilization cycle.

Hydrogen Peroxide Provider Unit

Sterilization tank STERILMED Plasma Sterilizer It enables the sterilizer to work for 20 cycles. The user-security tank is set up automatically by reading the RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) ​​tag. See Chapter 5 for the installation of a new Sterilization Tank.

The sterilizer displays all information with its color touch screen and accepts the inputs. You can enter letters and numbers, make selections and stop and start the sterilizer by pressing the buttons shown on the screen.

The printer writes cycle reports and other information on the thermal paper roll. It is easy to load paper in the printer and does not require an ink cartridge.

The STERILMED Sterilizer System is designed to sterilize both metal and non-metal medical devices at low temperatures. The process consists of several phases in which hydrogen peroxide vapor and plasma are applied in combination to provide sterilization. The STERILMED Sterilizer can sterilize eg hinged forceps and scissors with cavities that will not allow diffusion.