Washer Disinfector

STERILMED  Washer Disinfector Devices is designed and manufactured for fast and efficient disinfection of surgical instruments, dressing tools, rubber materials and liquids in a glass container in healthcare facilities. In washing-disinfection processes no packing must be used. Proper baskets for the instruments must be chosen instead as DIN Basket.

Washer and Disinfector product is designed & manufactured for heat-resistant and reusable medical devices tools.

 It is developed to be used in the following fields:

• Hospitals,

• Outpatient clinics,

• Rehabilitation centers,

• It is used in laboratories.

Materials that can be used in Washer-Disinfector Programs and Time Periods;

  • Surgical Instruments
  • Operating Room Containers
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Glass Containers
  • Rubber Materials
  • Plastic Materials

General Features;

- Control System PLC, Microprocessor

- Use Full automatic / button and Touch screen

- 7’’ Color TFT, LCD Touchscreen

- Integrated Thermal Printer 40 Characters / Line

- Communication RS 232 Port / USB , Ethernet Connection

- Warning System Visual, Audible and Printed Alarms

- Data Recording 1000 Cycle

- Monitoring Touchscreens

- Mobility Easy positioning on 4 swivel castors and height adjustable legs for uneven floors.