Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Low Temperature Sterilization device is high technology service that promises to sterilize selected medical devices at low temperature, designed for medical instruments that cannot withstand high-temperature sterilization and lose their properties at high temperatures. Examples include medical cameras, endoscopy equipment, lumen and medical materials containing plastic. Heat-resistant products can be sterilized at an average of 50-55 C in the latest technology, low-temperature sterilization device. The use of the device begins with placing the Hydrogen Peroxide Cartage in its own space and each Hydrogen Peroxide Cartage can be used for 20 cycles.


Plasma Sterilizer has built-in Thermal Printer that shows the selection of programs, start and finish of the cycle, cycle duration, date information. Our device is designed with high technology compatible, PLC Microprocessor, USB and Ethernet Connection input. It offers 3 different program options (Fast, Standard, Special) and the selected program can be controlled by 3 different users and 1 supervisor from the 7'' TFT color touch screen.


General Features;

- Rapid Warm-up & Dry System

- Convenient and Safe Sterilizing Agent

- 7”Color TFT LCD Touchscreen, Easy Monitoring the Cycle Information

- Plug and Play

- USB History Memory

- Automatic PM Alarm System

- Built in Thermal Printer, Print-out with Actual Cycle Information

- Login Function

- Monitoring System

- Auto Interlock & Open System

- Mobility


- Full automatic / button and touch screen

- 40 Characters / Line Thermal Printer

- RS 232 Port / USB , Ethernet

- Visual, Audible and Printed

- 200 PCS Cycle

- Touchscreen

- Easy positioning on 4 swivel castors and height adjustable legs for uneven floors


Installation Requirements;


- Convenient and Safe Sterilizing Hydrogen Peroxide Agent

- “Tank type” Hydrogen Peroxide Agent is safe for users to store, to deliver.

- The automatic system for changing and installing Hydrogen Peroxide Agent is convenient and safe for users.

-  STERİLMED Series’ tank type sterilizing agent does not need to be replaced often, as it can be used scores of times.