Steam Sterilizer Autoclave

Sterilmed Steam Sterilizer / Autoclave

Sterilmed Steam Sterilizer Models are designed and manufactured for fast and efficient sterilization of heat & moisture resistant materials as;  textile material, surgical instruments, dressing tools, rubber materials and liquids in a glass container with pre-vacuum configuration. Sterilmed Steam Sterilizers  are horizontal loading system which aim to provide the best service in healthcare institutions with its both single-door and double-door automatic pneumatic door system options which open to sterile /non-sterile area.

General Features;

- The door system is resistant to extreme pressure. The movement of the door is in vertical axis (up-down) and it works extremely quiet with the pneumatic system.

- Heat insulation materials needed for heat losses are covered. The sterilizer outer surface  does not heat-up due to internal temperature.

- Easy loading /unloading operations are carried out while the automatic doors are widely open and easy transfer from the rectangular sterilization chamber . In addition, with the safety system preventing sudden opening of the door, the door is prevented from operating without closing the door.

- When the door is closed, there is a safety system that prevents any cistern squeeze and allows the door to move in the opposite direction. Pressure and vacuum sealing of the door is provided by silicon based seal which is resistant to the temperature of the device and door sealing is provided by applying vapor pressure to the gasket channel.

- The door sealing gasket can be easily replaced without having to remove any part of the device and the gasket is a maintenance-free type.

- The door seal's replacement time and all information about the devices are  automatically displayed on the 7 " TFT Color  LCD Touchscreen.

- The 7 " TFT Color  LCD Touchscreen demonstrate Program Name and Number, Sterilization Phase, Sterilization Pressure and Heat Measurements, Time, Date, Errors and Cause of Error.

- Full Automatic, PLC Control, Optional Remote Access via Ethernet, USB Port, RS 232- RS485 Port, ETHERNET Connection.

- The Thermal Printer 40 Character/Line is located in the control unit is supplied with the following values as the cast:

Date-time, The Name of the program being run, pre-vacuum time and phase number, Preheating temperature, Sterilization cell temperature, Sterilization cell pressure, Sterilization time, Drying time, Error messages that may occur in the system
Date, time and total time information at the end of the sterilization process, User signature repository at the end of the process.

- The discharge of the device is by the heat ex-changer system.

- Emergency stop button.

- Password protection

- HEPA filter for air filtration

- Short circuit protection.

Materials :

Sterilization Chamber, Jacket, Generator  AISI 316-304 L/Ti Stainless Steel. 
Inner surface chamber cleaning against corrosion danger; Glass sheared sandblasting or elektropolisaj method.
Gasket channel mono-block groove and  cover hinge-pin bracket, minimum thickness   50 mm AISI 304 -316L  Stainless Steel.